Bringing the book to life

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When I was writing The Game is Altered I imagined a hybrid novel-slash-interactive game. At least I wanted to introduce some transmedia elements into the text – embed the game sections with QR codes so that readers could use their mobiles to access additional content (avatar profiles, gameplay snippets, backstories, stills from CoreQuest). I also wanted to create a book trailer.

My wishlist was too expensive. Consequently the book is simply a book and this blog is the only additional content available (for the time being). However, I’m lucky enough to teach in the media department at Coventry University and a couple of my wonderful ex-students (interns) offered to make a book trailer – for free.

I said ‘yes please’ and wrote a quick script, which they immediately ditched. Too complicated apparently. Plus it focused mainly on Lionel’s sick cat, Buddha. The students said they didn’t think they should work with children or animals etc. etc. and definitely not cats with neurological disorders.

They rewrote the script, cast the actors, filmed it all against a green screen, added after effects, edited it – basically they did everything. This is what they came up with. I love it.

Special thanks to Emily Turvey, Luke Jones and Suzii Globe for bringing a little part of the book to life. Thanks also to Brian Mansi for the voice-over work.

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