The Game is Altered (2012)
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Here’s a bit of blurbage from the publisher.

Sometime in the near future, Lionel, a computer nerd, lives alone with his sick cat, Buddha. His flat overlooks the high street where only a few rundown shops remain in business, including the barber shop owned by his Caribbean friend, Mr Barber.

Lionel, mixed-race, born in Kenya, was adopted by a white family. But, apart from his gorgeous, abrasive sister Lilith – his best friend and harshest critic – his family have deserted him. Lilith accuses Lionel of playing games because he can’t handle human interaction. But Lilith has her own problems and she frequently disappears for weeks at a time.

But when Lionel puts his headset on, and enters CoreQuest he becomes Ludi, the fighter, the lover. He’s free. Here he doesn’t need to face his past – bullied by his adoptive brothers – and the shocking childhood event he refuses to remember.

Still the ‘real’ world won’t go away. Nor will Crystal, the haunted girl who needs to be saved from the brothel opposite his flat. Soon nothing adds up. Why are people beginning to look at him nervously? Why do the outcasts at work suddenly want to be his friend? Has Lilith finally disappeared for good?

As reality and the game blur, Lionel and Ludi are assaulted on all sides. As Lionel struggles to unravel what’s happening to him, Ludi tries to rescue the people he loves before the game is altered forever.


Among Thieves (2009)

Among Thieves by Mez Packer

It’s 1984. Jez, a no-good 2-Tone loving Cov lad, and Jamaican Bas are drawn into a money laundering scam in Spain by two ambitious ex-university dealers, Andy and Pads.

These middle-class wide-boys are locked in a feud of mysterious origin – chilly Pads has the upper hand, and the money, whereas charming Andy has the charisma, and the girls. But Andy takes a step too far when he sets up a deal with IRA gangsters and has to ask Pads to bail him out.

Over in Spain, Jez is sure they are being followed and begins to lose his mind. Bas keeps the operation rolling until he meets Becca, a northern lass, employed by Pads to spoil their plans.

Meanwhile Mehmet is caught up in a violent revenge killing and needs to escape Hoxha’s prison-like Albania. When he reaches Spain he intersects with the team and his fortunes change.

Revenges ripen.

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