Techno-phobia and the Modern Writer

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Why don’t writers write novels that involve technology? Well, they do – just not often. Prescient themes of privacy, artificial intelligence, alternate reality, identity and gaming all come together in my new  novel The Game is Altered – a super-contemporary piece of techno-fiction that asks the question: where do the boundaries of reality now lie? Read my recent article, on the Writers’ Hub, about the problem of reconciling technology and literary fiction.

When real life is the story

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Mslexia issue 43

Mslexia issue 43

For my birthday, a couple of years ago, a friend bought me a subscription to Mslexia magazine. It’s a brilliant quarterly aimed specifically at women who write. I didn’t have a publisher, or an agent at the time and the magazine was an invaluable resource.

This month I’ve had my first feature published in Mslexia. I haven’t seen a copy of the magazine yet so I’m not sure what page it’s on or how it’s been edited but the piece is about the pitfalls of writing what you know – turning real life into fiction.

So grab a copy  – Mslexia do a ‘try before you buy’ deal, so you can get this month’s magazine and if you like it then buy a subscription for the whole year. It’s worth it!