Summer’s end

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Summer’s end – too early to say that perhaps – but it feels like it to me. Back to work and the whole sorry jig and slide of fitting writing around earning begins again. I’ve had almost a month at home (apart from a couple of quick trips to Bath and Edinburgh). Still, it’s been a strain fitting family and creativity together without busting capillaries. School holidays. I have a wonderful ‘almost teenager’ whose bedroom is next to my office and the the whole cheek-by-Youtube hellishness of POP music through the wall has taken its toll, (I’m not sure I won’t kill something if I hear Dizzee Rascal’s Some People Think I’m Bonkers one more time).


Something colourful and autumnal

Maybe it’ll be good to get some routine back into the mix (although I’ve never been short on discipline – not since I gave up the drugs;-)). Back to the paperwork and the students and the marking. And September is my favourite month. There’s always that day in September, the one that signals the real end of summer – when there’s a freshness to the wind and the smell of something earthy and cool. And even though you know winter’s coming it doesn’t matter in that moment – because it makes you feel cosy and cheery rather than sad. You even lift your face and take a deep breath and say something like ‘I can smell a change coming’. You might even think about the jumpers you need to get out of the bottom drawer, or pumpkin soup or bonfires and get a reflected, seasonal glow. You forget about February, you forget about the cold grey banality of the English winter just around the corner.

I’m making myself miserable and I must stop. It’s only September. September is my favourite month – did I say that already?